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Successful job interviews.

Top tips for bagging that top job.

There’s no denying it. Interviews can be tricky and nerve wracking, what with worrying what to wear, what to say, what not to say and how not to behave like an idiot! But the fact is it’s really not hard to make a good impression. if you’re confident and as prepared as the proverbial boy scout! So here they are: top techniques, and important dos and don'ts, to help you get the job you really want.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

So you’ve got all qualifications, skills and experience under your belt. And very impressive we’re sure they are too. But what will be even more impressive to an employer will be a knowledge of the job you’re applying for and the company you’ll be working for. That will be your interviewer’s main concern so it should be yours too!
So here are our top tips:

Be informed: Find out as much as you can about the company before the interview. And try to find out exactly what they’ll expect you to do.

Be enthusiastic: First impressions last. So be upbeat from the off and show a positive attitude in the first few seconds of the interview. This will show the interviewer straight away that you are a ‘can do’ person who will be an asset to the company.

Be likeable: Sounds obvious but, however good you are at your job and however highly qualified, first and foremost employers will tend to hire people they like.

Be determined: Make it crystal clear that this is the job you want more than any other.

Take these simple tips on board and, well, you’re in with a chance!