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The interview ends. The work begins.

Once your interview is over, the work doesn’t end there. So don’t just breathe a sigh of relief, head off down the pub or just hang around waiting for the phone to ring. There are still things you can, and should, do to give you a better chance of getting the job.

Write a thank you letter or an email as soon as you get home.

Sounds cheesy doesn’t it? After all, you haven’t sent one since you wrote to Santa Claus. And that was a few years ago. But actually this will send out a clear signal to your prospective employer that you really do want the job.

You can also use it to underline something that was discussed during the interview or something important you forgot to mention.

But even if you’ve nothing to add, you should use it to thank your interviewer for the time spent interviewing you and looking at your work.

Spending a few minutes on this will create a really favourable impression and set you apart from the other candidates who’ll be on their third spritzer by now and oblivious to the mistake they’ve made!

But, of course:

Make sure you address the letter to the correct person, with the name,correct spelling and correct mailing address of your interviewer. Take time to type the letter rather than just handwriting it. It’s much more professional. Don’t email it. Chances are it will get lost in the recipient’s overflowing inbox and remain unread. Post it on the same day or the day after the interview. It shows you’re keen and you don’t want it arriving after the decision’s been made!

Finally, make a follow up call.

Don’t be shy about it. Employers are busy people. Chances are they won’t call you straight away so call them and ask them how things stand.

And the best tip of all:

Now that things are out of your hands, there’s nothing more you can do, so stop worrying and relax. Either you’ll get the job or you won’t.

So you didn't make it this time. So what?

That’s the way to look at it. You shrug your shoulders, you dust yourself down and you get up and start again. Whatever you do, if you didn’t manage to get the job, don’t think of it as a failure. You’ll have gained some valuable experience and been able to practice your interview skills. Plus, there’s probably an even better job just around the corner!

Because even during a downturn there are still plenty of jobs out there and one of those jobs has got your name on it. So let’s go out and find it!

So you’ve got the job.

Now you really can go and celebrate.

But just one more thing…

Before you do let your hair down, there’ll be the details of your contract to iron out. And the most important thing in there, of course, will be your salary. Chances are you’ll be offered the lowest salary at your level of experience. And sometimes salary levels are set. But if not there might be room for negotiation. So don’t be afraid to ask for more, especially if, in the immortal words of L’Oreal, you think you’re worth it!